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TANZANIA Social Action Fund –TASAF- came first among 19 basket funds following an analysis by the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) to establish contribution to members of the public to alleviate poverty. TASAF scored 81 points to become a winner in its category.

TASAF has been carrying out a number of programmes including Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) and Community Based Conditional Cash Transfer (CBCCT).The programmes aim to help people living in abject poverty to engage in income generating activities. Currently, PSSN saves more than 1.1 MILLION poor households from both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.


TASAF Executive Director, Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga receive a trophy from Minister Jenister Mhagama after TASAF emerging a winner among 19 basket funds to empower Wananchi in poverty alleviation in Tanzania. 

The award was given during 2nd Economic Empowerment Forum in Tanzanian Capital City –Dodoma.

Speaking after presenting an award to staff members, TASAF executive Director Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga pointed out that, the victory should motivate them to work even harder for the benefit of the nation and especially poor households who are in the PSSN program.


TASAF Executive Director displays a trophy and Certificate after his organization emerged a winner among basket funds in poverty alleviation in the country.

“It’s yet another testimony of how TASAF is seriously working to meet the government’s policy against poverty” he emphasized Mr. Mwamanga.


TASAF workers in a group photograph after receiving a trophy at their headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

According to NEEC a number of criteria were used to analysis projects including the value to the public, a number of beneficiaries based on gender, sectors impacted by the projects and other services provided by the funds. The analysis also focused on the funds which offer grants and those offer loans or facilitate people to access loans,” observed the statement.

Other basket funds were the National Entrepreneurs Development Fund (NEDF), Mwananchi Empowerment Fund (MEF), Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Scheme (SME-CGS), Contractors Assistance Fund (CAF) and Tanzania Education Fund (TEF).

Others are Agricultural Inputs Trust Fund (AGITF), Presidential Trust Fund (PTF), Youth Development Fund (YDF), Women Development Fund (WDF), SELF Microfinance, UTT Microfinance, Private Agricultural Sector Support (PASS  Trust Fund) and JK Fund.The Kilimo Kwanza Catalytic Fund (KKCF), Rural Energy Agency (REA) and Tanzania Forest Fund (TaFF).