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TASAF stakeholders from World Bank, WFP, DFID, UNICEF, USAID and Government of Tanzania met with the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Mr. Khatibu Kazungu recently. The main agenda was to share a progress report of the project TASAF is implementing i.e. Production Social Safety Net (PSSN) I and Preparation of PSSN II.  This meeting follows a combined joint mission conducted recently with stakeholders from the Government, Donors and TASAF.

Presenting on behalf of other Donors Mr. Muderis from the WB indicated a high level of satisfactory towards the program with reduction of poverty both measured by basic needs and adjusted food poverty lines. In additional to poverty reduction the program has increased savings and enabled asset accumulation, which can increase households’ potential to derive income and resilience to future shocks.

Mr. Muderis further highlighted the implementation of PSSN I has seen an increase of food consumption and dietary diversity which can help children learn more at schools and adults be more productive at work. The program has encouraged households to enroll children in school, with expected effect in the long term to more productive workforce and break the cycle of poverty. Whilst increased health visits for children under the age of 5 and health insurance registration has tripled.

In his remarks the Deputy Permanent Secretary commended TASAF for the achievements obtained so far.  He further highlighted the Government of Tanzania fully supports the initiative done by TASAF as it compliments efforts done by the President Dr. Magufuli to enhance economic activities that will eventually eradicate poverty in the Country and improve living condition of many Tanzanians.

Mr. Kazungu ensured TASAF of his full support in ensuring the design of PSSN II gets all the necessary approvals for the program to proceed. PSSN II will focus more productive types of work and increase incomes to households with investment in the human capital of children for long-term productivity and promote local area development.



Mr. Muderis Abdallah (first right) from World Bank clarifying a point to the Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr. Kazungu, Listening carefully is Mr. Matteo Caravani from World Food Program.


Stakeholders listening to a presentation made by Mr. Muderis of the WB, indicating the progress report of what TASAF has done to date and the way forward.


Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga, Executive director for TASAF (with spectacles), responding to the stakeholders during the meeting.